Economic Response & Recovery Plan


The Halifax Partnership and Halifax Regional Municipality are proactively planning for and leading economic recovery efforts now with our private, public and post-secondary partners. Together, we will restart and restore Halifax’s economy and get back to our positive long-term growth trend.

Goal: Get back to our long-term growth trend and chart a path forward for a stronger, more resilient city.

The Economic Response and Recovery plan is evergreen - meant to be changed and updated to ensure we are addressing the evolving needs of the business community in real-time.

Missed our Virtual Event?

Watch the presentation of the Halifax Index with a special presentation from Narrative Research on current consumer research. Plus an engaging discussion with business leaders across the city discussing their experiences through COVID-19 and as the city reopens.

Download the Presentations:

Presentation to Council - May 12, 2020

Watch the second virtual presentation of the Economic Response and Recovery Plan to Council. Watch the video >

Conversation with Mayor Savage

Watch the follow-up conversation with Mayor Mike Savage on how we plan to get Halifax's economy back on track through the plan. Watch the video >

Presentation to Council - April 2, 2020

Watch the first virtual presentation of the Economic Response and Recovery Plan to Council on how we plan to respond to the crisis. Watch the video >

Guiding Principles

Follow the advice of our healthcare experts.

Leverage our teams, expertise, data, and networks.

Pursue alignment among all 3 orders of government.

Work collaboratively with the NS Business Labour Economic Coalition.

Remain in constant contact, engage and collaborate with our local stakeholders.

Act swiftly, nimbly and creatively with clear purpose

Build resiliency.

Three Phases

The Economic Response and Recovery Plan follows a three-phase approach. Moving from one phase to the next will not be based on a fixed timeline but will be aligned to public health criteria and measures.

Phase 1: Urgent

What’s Happening

• COVID-19 cases still rising.
• Impacts on critical operations and services.
• Business shutdowns (layoffs and unemployment, liquidity and income crisis).

Priorities and Response

• Reduce the spread of COVID-19.
• Directly help companies respond to and weather the crisis.
• Proactively plan to restart, restore and rebuild the economy.
• Raise awareness of Halifax’s response efforts and strengths.


• Supporting businesses with COVID-19 Resources.
• Directly helping businesses with the Virtual Adviser Program.
Connecting businesses with labour shortages to active jobseekers.

Phase 2: Stabilization

What’s Happening

• Businesses prepare to reopen.
• People return to work and schools reopen.
• Exports, imports and tourism activities begin resume.

Priorities and Response

• Help companies get back to business.
• Assess Halifax’s economic position.
• Raise awareness of Halifax’s economic stabilization efforts and strengths.


• Supporting businesses with Reopening and Recovery.
• Continuing to help businesses with the Virtual Adviser Program.

Phase 3: Recovery

What’s Happening

• People are free to do business, work, study, socialize, and travel.
• Companies are recovering and investors are ready to once again deploy capital.
• Governments have moved beyond fiscal and monetary crisis mode.

Priorities and Response

• Support business recovery and restore confidence.
• Boost economic and business growth (get back to Halifax’s long-term growth trend)
• Raise awareness of Halifax’s economic recovery locally, national and internationally.
• Learn from experience and plan for the future.

Make informed business decisions

Looking for business support to navigate during this difficult time? Our COVID-19 Resources are being updated weekly with info on government programs, new tools, and more.



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