What's next in your success story?

Maybe you’re thinking about your sales funnels and attracting new customers, or what your competition is doing, or where to find the next market opportunity. Because we are business advisors, economists, investment attraction specialists, and superstars, we have a program or resource that can help.

How We Can Help Your Business

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Export Development

Why export? To increase sales for your business. How? A dedicated Export Specialist will help you navigate what it will take to sell your product or service in markets around the world.

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Commercialization and R&D

The fastest growing businesses and economies dedicate resources to research and development (R&D). Once those ideas are generated, it takes resources to commercialize.

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Connect to Talent

Building your team is no small feat. Access a pipeline of young and emerging talent in Halifax.

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Business Intelligence

Better data lead to better decisions. Work with our team of economists to understand the economic landscape to help you make strategic growth decisions.

Active. Trusted. Connected.

The Halifax Partnership represents the strong, collective voice of businesses and community leaders who believe that Halifax is the best place to live and work.

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