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Latest Halifax Economy Snapshot (Updated: July 2021)

  • The unemployment rate in June sat at 8.8%. Although it decreased from the high for 2021 seen in May, the figure still shows impacts of the lockdown during the third-wave. With rising vaccination rates and falling active case counts, the July rate is expected to be lower.
  • Driven mainly by the third-wave of COVID-19, provincial retail sales fell by 5.3% between April and May, but this still constitutes an increase of 15.8% since January 2021 and 15.7% since May 2020. Motor vehicle and parts dealers, which is the largest component of retail sales in Nova Scotia (26.6%), fell by 18.3% from April.
  • The office vacancy rate, currently at 14.7%, remained essentially unchanged in Q2 2021. The industrial vacancy rate fell dramatically to 4.1% in Q2 2021, down from 5.6% last quarter. This is 4 percentage points below the industrial vacancy rate in Q2 2020 and the lowest it has been since 2013.
  • The average home price in Halifax was $468,790 in June, up 28% compared to 12 months ago. However, the sales-to-new listings ratio fell almost 19 points over the same period, signalling a move away from a sellers market.

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To learn more about Halifax’s economy and get a definitive look at Halifax’s economic and community progress, read the Halifax Index 2021.



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