Economic Data Atlas

A map-based tool for accessing the most up-to-date economic data on Halifax.

The Economic Data Atlas is an interactive map-based tool providing in-depth data about Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia’s economy and population.

Dive deep and explore data about age groups, income, housing, population sizes, and more, for locations across the municipality and province.

Who is the Economic Data Atlas for?

Are you a business owner who is planning to expand in the Halifax region?

Are you a policymaker or a researcher looking for economic, demographic, and social data?

Or do you want to learn more about the place you call home?

If yes, this Atlas is the right tool for you!

Our Economic Data Atlas makes it easier to get a variety of economic and demographic data points for precise locations across Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia to help make well-informed and strategic business, policy, and planning decisions.

How to use the Atlas?

Reach out to us

Ian Munro

Chief Economist

Connect with our team.



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