Halifax Makes People Happy

FDI American Cities of the Future ranked Halifax Top 5 among mid-sized cities for Best Human Capital and Lifestyle (2019/20).

Why Halifax?

History and modern conveniences. Progressive and laid back. Affordability with world-class experiences. You'll find an excellent balance of everything in Halifax.

Halifax welcomes thousands of young professionals and newcomers every year who fall in love with our east coast lifestyle and enviable combination of urban and rural living. Employers and their employees agree that Halifax provides the right ingredients for success, both in and out of the office.

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The right-sized city

Our approachable size means you can get to know the people and places in our tight-knit community. Not to mention, get home faster with an average commute time of 24 minutes.

Halifax offers excellent housing options at costs considerably lower than many other North American cities. Apartments and condominiums for young professionals who want to live within walking distance to work, larger homes with backyards for families, and high-end luxury accommodations in the heart of Halifax for senior-level employees.

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People love living here

The soul of Halifax speaks to people, draws them in, and brings them home. With an easy going east coast culture, housing prices a fraction of Boston, Seattle, Toronto, or Vancouver, low crime rates, and our enviable combination of urban and rural communities and amenities, what's not to love?

In Halifax, you can connect with creative, talented people from all over the world, in your choice of over 200 urban, rural and suburban communities.

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Canada’s ocean playground

No matter where you are in Halifax, you're never far from the ocean. Go from the boardroom to one of our many beautiful beaches in under 30 minutes.

The commercial heart of Halifax is on the water, along with one of the world’s longest harbourfront boardwalks. It's only a short getaway from downtown to scenic coastal villages like Peggys Cove. Enjoy water sports like sailing, paddling, deep-sea fishing and surfing. Halifax is considered a global destination for cold water surfing.

This is an image of Halifax Mooseheads ice hockey team playing in an indoor arena.

Loyal sports fans

Halifax is also a passionate sports city that supports junior, university, and development sport leagues. Halifax welcomed the Canadian Premier League last year, a new league approved by Canada Soccer. The team has a 6,500-seat stadium and hosted 15 regular-season games during the league’s first season.

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Access to nature

Breathe the fresh ocean air and enjoy Halifax's enviable natural beauty and outdoor recreation options.

The Halifax Emera Oval is the largest outdoor, artificially refrigerated ice surface in Eastern Canada. Take advantage of free equipment rentals year-round - skates in the winter and rollerblades in the summer.

Explore 917 parks across Halifax, including:

This is an image of people enjoying the vibrant Halifax Jazz Festival at the Waterfront.

Arts and Culture

As the cultural heart of Canada's East Coast, Halifax is always bustling with activities, ranging from entertainment on the boardwalk, gallery visits, restaurants and cafés, to everything in between.

  • Shop at nine farmers’ markets, visit 65 art galleries, and party at one of the largest Pride Festivals in Canada.
  • Enjoy fresh and local delicacies at award-winning local restaurants, craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, and vineyards across the region.

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