What’s Next for Halifax

Everyone has a role to play in making Halifax an inclusive, vibrant, and prosperous city for all residents.

Developing the New 5-Year Growth Plan

Together with Halifax Regional Municipality, we are leading the development of Halifax's economic growth plan for 2022-27. We're bringing together businesses, partners, residents, and communities throughout Halifax to share ideas, insights, and actions to build a more inclusive, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous Halifax over the next five years.


Collaboration and engagement with diverse voices across communities, business, and government are essential to the development of the next economic growth plan. Our willingness to work together will be critical to the success of building a better Halifax.

Share Your Views

Everyone has a role to play in building a better Halifax.

In June, a Mayor’s Economic Roundtable on Inclusive Growth was co-hosted with United Way. Over 100 people joined the discussion and participants were invited to answer the following question. We invite you to share your ideas and input on inclusive growth.

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Progress to Date

  • Advisory Committee

    In early January, an Advisory Committee was formed to oversee the development of the 2022-2027 economic growth plan. With input from a diverse group of business and community stakeholders, the committee will refine the economic growth vision, identify the strategic goals, generate new ideas and actions, and bring community leadership to the process.

  • Presentation to Regional Council

    In late January, Halifax Partnership's Board of Directors approved the design and development for the next five-year economic growth plan. On March 9, 2021, Halifax Regional Council unanimously approved the framework for the development of the plan.

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  • Working Groups

    Three working groups consisting of business and community leaders, subject matter experts, and Halifax Partnership and Halifax Regional Municipality staff are exploring the emerging themes of attainable housing, transportation and logistics, and green economy. The groups are expected to offer their recommendations on priorities and actions by the end of September.

  • CEO Council & Mayor's Economic Roundtables

    We have hosted a number of CEO Council and Mayor’s Economic Roundtable sessions with over 200 Halifax Partnership Investors, partners, and stakeholders to discuss the emerging themes of attainable housing, transportation and logistics, and green economy.


Plan Milestones

Development and endorsement of a strategic approach.

Research and input from private, public, and community stakeholders.

Identification of the strategic vision, goals, and actions.

Final plan review by stakeholders and endorsement by Regional Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is programs, policies, or activities that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for residents. Economic development is broad and can encompass a number of different activities including job creation, supporting new ideas, wealth creation for individuals and businesses, increasing the standard of living, and much more. Economic development is grounded on leveraging and building upon existing strengths and assets.

What is Halifax's Economic Growth Plan?

Halifax’s Economic Growth Plan is a five-year strategic plan that builds upon our strengths and sets measurable goals, objectives, and actions to create prosperity for Halifax businesses and residents. This plan is developed in collaboration with private, public, post-secondary, and community stakeholders all sharing ideas and actions that will advance Halifax's long-term economic growth, prosperity, and quality of life.

Why is the Growth Plan Important for Halifax?

Halifax’s Economic Growth Plan informs and supports municipal priorities and decision-making, guides the activities of Halifax Partnership, and aligns stakeholders to support Halifax’s economic growth. The success of this plan depends on collective action among private, public, post-secondary, and community stakeholders throughout the Halifax region.

Who is Involved in the Development of the Economic Growth Plan?

Halifax Partnership and Halifax Regional Municipality co-lead the development and implementation of Halifax's five-year economic growth plan in partnership with private, public, post-secondary, and community partners.

  • Regional Council and the Community Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee(CPED) endorse the strategic development approach, framework, and five-year economic growth plan.
  • Halifax Partnership Board of Directors provides oversight and endorses the strategic approach, framework, and final direction presented to CPED and Regional Council.
  • An Advisory Committee, which includes members of the Partnership’s Board of Directors, brings community leadership to the process. It oversees strategy development and helps to refine the strategic vision, goals, and actions.
  • A Working Group of Halifax Partnership and Halifax Regional Municipality manages strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and communications.
  • YOU! We are actively engaging all Halifax residents to contribute to the plan development. Share your views above and stay tuned for upcoming online and face-to-face engagement activities.

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