Halifax's Economic Growth Plan

A long-term vision to accelerate population and economic growth.

Halifax's Economic Growth Plan

The Partnership, Halifax Regional Municipality, and our many partners mobilize and lead our community in executing Halifax's Economic Growth Plan. Together, we are working toward an ambitious long-term vision to grow Halifax’s population to 550,000 and Its GDP to $30 billion by 2031.


Halifax Economic Growth Plan Framework

Focused and Measurable

The Economic Growth Plan sets out a focused and measurable plan of action to make Halifax a more vibrant, thriving, and welcoming city. It leverages Halifax’s unique strengths—our ocean advantage, our educated and innovative community, and our excellent urban/rural lifestyle—through four five-year strategic goals:

Promote & Maximize Growth Icon

Promote & Maximize Growth

GDP to $22.5 billion

This focuses on making it easier to do business in Halifax and capitalizing on our best economic opportunities.

Attract & Retain Talent

Labour force to 271,000

This is aimed at holding on to immigrants, international students and recent graduates, and making the best use of our available workforce.

Make Halifax Better Icon

Make Halifax a Better Place to Live & Work

Population to 470,000

This focuses on improving and showcasing our quality of life, both for its own sake and to attract residents, workers, and business to the city.

Align Economic Development

Organize actions

This ensures that the city’s and province’s economic development organizations, policies, and programs are in alignment and moving in the same direction toward our shared economic goals for Halifax and Nova Scotia.

A current snapshot of Halifax's economy

Through a combination of interactive charts and key economic indicators, this dashboard provides a current high-level overview of Halifax’s economy.



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