Introducing the Halifax Economic Data Atlas

Posted: June 26, 2023

Halifax Partnership takes great pride in being the go-to source on Halifax’s economy.

Since 2012 we have produced the Halifax Index, a comprehensive annual examination of key economic and social metrics for the municipality. The Halifax Index 2023, presented by TD Bank Group was launched on June 1.

In 2021 we introduced the Halifax Economic Dashboard, a quick-and-easy means of accessing the most up-to-date statistics on Halifax’s labour market, business activity, and real estate conditions, among other things.

We now are very pleased to announce the addition of a new data tool, the Halifax Economic Atlas.

Understanding the Atlas

The Atlas is an interactive, map-based tool that allows the user to see how economic, social, and demographic measures vary across the geography of the municipality. For example, how does immigration compare across different parts of the municipality? Or, which parts of the municipality have the highest and lowest shares of people who use public transit to get to work?

The Atlas also provides the means to drill into information for very precise geographies within HRM, like how many people ages 14 and younger live in the southern tip of the Halifax Peninsula? (It’s 310, in case you were wondering.)

The data underlying the Atlas come mainly from the 2021 Census and cover topics such as age, ethnic diversity, housing, migration, income, and population size and growth.

Get to Know the Data

Data points can be viewed down to very fine-grained geographical units like Statistics Canada’s Census Tracts and Dissemination Areas. For perspective, there are approximately 100 Census Tracts across all of HRM and close to 20 on the Peninsula alone. Dissemination Areas are even smaller, with approximately 600 across the entire municipality. When new datasets become available from Statistics Canada later this year, additional geographic layers will be added to the Atlas, providing focus on defined regions and communities within the municipality, such as Herring Cove, Eastern Passage, Middle Sackville, and Sheet Harbour.

In addition to the thorough annual checkup of the Halifax Index, presented by TD, and the quick pulse-taking of the Economic Dashboard, the Partnership is pleased to provide the Economic Atlas as Halifax’s MRI … map-relayed information!

Please check out all these tools at and keep your eyes open for further additions in the coming months!



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