Youth Under 30 Pitch Social Innovations for $10K to Launch Their Idea in Halifax

Posted: February 27, 2019

Future City Builders engages 30 youth (18-29 years old) each in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax to create and launch innovative ideas for urban food, water, transportation, housing and waste systems. Alfred and Joyce lead Halifax’s program, which is supported by FutureCities Canada, Evergreen and the Halifax Partnership and championed by RBC Future Launch.

Halifax’s cohort of youth are tackling the topic of housing. Over the past few weeks, participants have participated in a series of workshops addressing the challenges and opportunities around housing in Halifax.

“Halifax is a city on the rise. Along with this growth, we are thinking about how we can ensure Halifax continues to be a vibrant, inclusive a place to live and work.” says Alfred. “Affordable housing options are increasingly top of mind. This initiative allows for young people to have their voices heard and have a meaningful impact on the future of our city.”

In teams, participants created innovative concepts and solutions to improve housing for youth. Next week at the Future City Builders Urban Action Pitch-Off Night, teams will pitch their social innovations for the chance to win $10,000 in seed funding and project support to launch their idea.

“At the event, the audience will have a chance to vote on the winning projects alongside our panel of judges,” says Alfred. “This will be a special evening both for the youth involved and for everyone who made this program possible in Halifax. We hope to see you there!”

Business and community leaders in Halifax are invited to attend the Future City Builders Urban Action Pitch-Off Night on March 4 from 7:00pm-9:00pm at City Hall.



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