Welcoming the Director of the Halifax Civic Innovation Outpost

Posted: October 17, 2019

Over the past several months, the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Halifax Partnership have been partnering to develop and launch the Halifax Civic Innovation Outpost.

As the first initiative of the Halifax Innovation District, the Halifax Civic Innovation Outpost aims to advance the role of innovation within municipal government and our city. Housed at Volta, the Outpost will provide a platform to address key social issues, improve municipal data transparency, and enable startups and scaleups to beta test and evolve ideas and products in collaboration with the municipality.

We are excited to share that the Outpost is being led by Karl Allen-Muncey who recently started in his role as Director, Halifax Civic Innovation Outpost. Karl brings a wealth of expertise and experience, having led the Digital Kitchener Innovation Lab (Canada's first Internet of Things Focussed Municipal Innovation Lab) and the Innovation Outpost for Postmedia (Canada’s largest media company), as well as his own entrepreneurial experience as founder of leading design and marketing agency, CuteGecko, and is working on a number of tech startups.

Over the next six months, Karl will work with municipal leaders and business units, the private sector, and innovation partners to stand up the Outpost and advance its priorities. We are thrilled to welcome him to Halifax.



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