Halifax Partnership and Volta Join Forces To Support CleanTech Startups

Posted: June 12, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia – June 8, 2023 – Halifax Partnership and Volta are pleased to announce their collaboration focused on supporting CleanTech startups in Nova Scotia at all stages of growth. This partnership will give selected startups access to the Volta residency program and tailored support to help them thrive in the clean technology sector.

The six startups participating in this initiative are: Scient Analytics Inc., DependBuild, Acuicy, Drinkable, Easy Platter, and Zen Electric.

The clean technology industry is rapidly growing, and the demand for innovative solutions to environmental challenges is greater than ever before. However, startups in this sector often face a fiercely competitive landscape and struggle to secure the resources and support they need to succeed.

Halifax Partnership and Volta will work hand in hand to provide a comprehensive support system for CleanTech startups in Nova Scotia. Selected startups will participate in the Volta residency program, where they will benefit from one-on-one support, domain-specific advisors, performance coaching, and community connections. The Partnership will support startups in building business relationships and navigating and connecting with relevant resources, funding, and programs to accelerate their development and growth.

"Our collaboration with Volta is a significant step towards fostering a vibrant CleanTech ecosystem in our city and province," says Wendy Luther, President and CEO at Halifax Partnership. “We are committed to supporting startups in developing, testing, and commercializing innovative solutions to tackle climate change and build a greener more sustainable future.”

"We are incredibly excited to join forces with Halifax Partnership to create new opportunities for early-stage CleanTech startups in Nova Scotia," says Matt Cooper, CEO of Volta. "By combining the resources and expertise of both organizations and our partners, we can provide tailored support, guidance, and connections that will empower these startups to overcome challenges, scale their businesses, and drive positive change for our region and beyond."

About Halifax Partnership

Halifax Partnership is Halifax’s public-private economic development organization. The Partnership drives and accelerates economic growth by selling and marketing Halifax to the world, helping businesses reach their full potential, and tracking and reporting on Halifax’s economic progress. The Partnership’s network of influential and globally connected Investors and partners is committed to building a thriving, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous Halifax. The Partnership works in collaboration with its public, private, and post-secondary partners to increase entrepreneurship, innovation and environmental sustainability and resiliency. Learn more at halifaxpartnership.com and halifaxinnovationdistrict.com.

About Volta

Volta is one of Canada’s largest startup hubs, located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are focused on early-stage tech founders and their teams in Atlantic Canada. Our goal is to help more founders drastically improve the probability of building a high-growth start-up. We do that by providing tailored support that helps founders implement proven methods into deliberate practice. Since being founded in 2013, Volta's alumni and residents have raised over $374 Million and have created 3,200+ jobs. Learn more at www.voltaeffect.com.



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