Virtual Business Support Serves a Growing Niche Market

Posted: May 18, 2021

With many years of experience working with C-suite executives, Kate Sullivan has the experience and knowledge to make a business run smoothly.

When faced with a pandemic-related layoff in 2020, she was well positioned to start her own business, and after a few months she had Virtually Connected Solutions up and running.

“Who would set up a business in the middle of COVID? But it's exactly what is needed right now,” said Kate. “The online world is exploding… It’s changing the way people live and work—and a lot of it is online.”

As owner and CEO, Kate offers a range of behind-the-scenes services, including operations management, human resources, systems and automation and project management. However, the unique service that stands out is board and committee support, where Kate’s many years of serving private corporations and not-for-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity NS give her valuable know-how that comes from experience.

This work includes everything from preparing board packages from end to end, attending meetings, taking and transcribing notes, facilitating communications between board members and management, and supporting committee governance training.

“That's really what my specialty is, it’s what I’ve done for the last 30 years, and I have found there’s a need for that,” said Kate, noting that there’s a level of professionalism and sensitivity in knowing the political and business culture of an organization, and sometimes public disclosure requirements that need to be considered.

The changes to workplaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been disruptive and difficult for many businesses, but Virtually Connected Solutions is uniquely positioned to serve clients in unusual circumstances.

When asked how the business will work when COVID-19 is over, Kate was optimistic.

“I think that COVID has permanently changed the way that people work,” she said. “Companies and employers are now starting to adjust their businesses, recognizing that employees are more productive, and it's less expensive when people work from home.”

Along with connections from previous professional roles, Kate has found the help from Halifax Partnership and vLife invaluable in increasing exposure and making connections with potential clients; she’s also looking to scale her business and hire virtual assistants.

The additional web presence on the vLife website has been a boon, and vLife’s support and suggestions for graphics have resulted in more leads for the business.

“I think that online business management is just burgeoning, and I don't think it's going anywhere,” she said. “I continue to see it being a lucrative opportunity for my business and one that will add value to the bottom line for other business owners as well.”

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