Posted: April 28, 2020

Craig Coady

This month we spoke with Craig Coady, Co-Founder, Venor.

Tell us about Venor and the greatest challenges or opportunities ahead.

Venor is a leading talent firm in Atlantic Canada, committed to furthering the economic prosperity of our region by addressing key talent gaps in the business community. A relationship-based HR leader and community builder, we proudly support businesses with the human capital they need to scale. Our deep business connections and exceptional knowledge of the local talent pool allow us to deliver that much more value to clients, that see us as an extension of their brand and a trusted business partner.

What do you see as the greatest advantages of operating a business in Halifax?

In addition to the robust pools of talent generated by our post secondary educators, as well as the advantages around geography and operating costs, another key differentiator is our sense of community. The people of Halifax want to see each other succeed and may be more accessible and inclined to offer time and advice than a larger urban center.

Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. How does Venor support emerging talent in our province?

We made a conscious effort to invest in youth five years ago. In 2010, we began partnering with local universities and colleges to help their graduates assimilate in the local business community, find mentors within our client networks, and ultimately discover a sense of purpose to focus their career on. In 2018, Venor's youth employment division was rebranded En Point, and now supports youth through mentorship to build the leaders of tomorrow.

What is your organization doing to support COVID-19 efforts/how have your operations shifted since COVID-19?

It has been difficult seeing the effect COVID-19 has had on our community. Venor is dedicated to being a resource for those individuals and companies who need a helping hand during this time. Genevieve Belben heads our Career Management sector and we have been encouraging those in our networks to reach out to her, or any of our team members, for help. Whether it’s assistance updating a resume, discussing the next steps after dealing with layoffs, or just someone to talk to about the current market, our team is here for those who need us.

We are fortunate enough to have been prepared to work remotely and have been keeping up with our clients, candidates, and staff through Zoom, GSuite and Slack. Though times are strange at the moment, we look forward to seeing the Atlantic business community continue to prosper in the future.

Genevieve can be reached at 902-240-9041 and [email protected].

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