Sharing Wisdom: Connector helps newcomers build their professional networks

Posted: February 28, 2024

In 2017, Wisdom Akpokighe, a father of three from Nigeria immigrated to Halifax with his family. As an experienced structural engineer, Wisdom’s abilities and educational background made him an attractive job candidate. However, like many others who move to a new country, he faced the challenge of building a professional network in a new community.

A recent article featured on “Sharing Wisdom: Connector helps newcomers build their professional networks” highlights Wisdom’s success with the Connector Program and how over the past four years he has paid it forward by supporting newcomers to Halifax, just like him.

The Connector Program puts new grads and newcomers, called Connectees, directly in touch with Connectors – business owners, managers, community leaders, and civil servants – with similar professional backgrounds. Through these connections, Connectees grow networks, build professional relationships, and improve job search opportunities and outcomes, while Connectors meet new talent for their business and industry.

Wisdom Akpokighe

“Wisdom is one of the greatest examples of the program’s value,” says Nathan Laird, Program Manager of Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program. “Wisdom’s determination and positive attitude have been instrumental in both his ability to quickly build his network here in Halifax and to help other newcomers do the same as a Connector.”

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