New International Recruitment Program

Posted: November 6, 2023

New International Recruitment Program Helping Employers Hire Skilled Workers

Halifax Partnership has launched the Halifax International Recruitment Program to help Halifax employers address critical labour shortages, with a focus on filling skilled trade gaps impacting the construction industry and the development of new housing in Halifax.

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Halifax. It grew by 44.0% between 2013 and 2022, representing a 3.7% annual average rate of growth and 6,600 new jobs. In the second quarter of this calendar year, the construction industry (trades, transport and equipment operators, and related occupations) had the second highest number of job vacancies across all industries in Nova Scotia at 4,180 and in Halifax at 2,645. The industry is growing, but our labour force isn’t keeping pace.

With an unemployment rate of 5.8% in Halifax, employers across all sectors need to look beyond our borders to recruit skilled talent that will help keep construction projects moving and business booming.

Hiring talent from national and international markets helps Halifax businesses and our city:

  • Address chronic and critical labour shortages and skill gaps to strengthen the workforce and grow the economy;
  • Build a more diverse talent pool with equally diverse skills;
  • Benefit from global perspectives and expertise; and
  • Tap into international markets and networks.

Employers can take advantage of Halifax Partnership's complimentary international recruitment program to hire skilled workers. Our licensed international recruiter and immigration consultant is helping employers:

  • Develop personalized recruitment strategies and job descriptions that will attract the right talent.
  • Promote job openings in strategic markets and help effectively recruit, pre-screen, and hire talent to meet labour needs.
  • Navigate the complexities of international recruitment and hiring, working with employers to identify and address challenges that may arise during the process.
  • Ensure a smooth relocation and settlement process for businesses and their new hires.

Our team is participating in five upcoming national and international recruitment fairs in November and early December with job openings from Halifax employers in hand. If your business is recruiting for skilled roles, submit your job vacancies and descriptions today.

The deadline to submit your job openings is November 10th, 2023.



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