Premiere Suites Atlantic

Posted: May 11, 2020

Gary Murphy
Director Of Corporate Sales & Business Development

Premiere Suites Atlantic

This month we spoke with Gary Murphy, Director, Corporate Sales and Business Development, Premiere Suites Atlantic.

Tell us about Premiere Suites and the greatest challenges or opportunities ahead.

We’re about people, not properties. Since 1999, the Premiere Suites team of dedicated, community experts ensure that we listen and then determine the home away from home that best suits each of our guests respective lifestyles, requests, and budgets. This commitment, to respecting our guests’ needs as well as those of the communities in which we operate, is the reason we are the most recognized and trusted provider of fully furnished, luxury temporary residences for professionals and families across Canada.

The greatest challenge that we foresee will be how the reopening of business will flow and how that may impact the corporate traveller. There have been many opportunities during the “slow down” that have afforded us with the ability to focus on rejuvenating suite décor. We have also found that increased awareness on our actual service offering; levels of international and local accreditation and cleanliness have highlighted the fact that travellers or families who are relocated know that they can stay with us in confidence verses other non-regulated providers.

What do you see as the greatest advantages of operating a business in Halifax?

When you are in the business of hospitality, I don’t know anywhere in the world that would give us the edge that Halifax has with our reputation for being such amazing, open, welcoming, and personable people. Premiere Suites was founded right here in Halifax 21 years ago and our brand and culture was quickly embraced and expanded from coast to coast in less than 10 years.

There are so many advantages to being in Halifax, as we see growth in industries that rely on having access to receiving products and supplies by sea, air, and rail. We have it all! Our business is very much project driven and with companies like Irving Shipbuilding, Volta, COVE, and the Ocean Supercluster to name but a few; these business bring in consultants from all over the world and they serve as ambassadors to our very affordable economy, which is rich in many natural resources that are required to develop and grow businesses from any sector.

Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. How does Premiere Suites support emerging talent in our province?

Over our 20+ years we have had the opportunity to hire emerging talent in every department – administration, guest services, accounting, and sales. We also hire students attending one of our many universities or colleges for summer or year-round part-time work to enable them to support their education while being exposed to business opportunities upon graduation. Whether it be in our field or a different career, we always are on the lookout to make a perfectly suited connection for their futures here at home.

What is your organization doing to support COVID-19 efforts/how have your operations shifted since COVID-19?

One of the biggest shifts in our service has been suspending all regular housekeeping services that are traditionally provided every two weeks to our guests. This decision was made in compliance with the provincial guidelines that restrict exposure to individuals who are not in the same household from entering the residence along with our desire to limit potential exposure to both our guests and our team. We have been strongly promoting our concierge service of grocery shopping for guests who are required to self-isolate and have their food and supplies placed in their suites prior to check in, or alternatively, shop and drop parcels outside of their door. We also have put in place a 4 day “off market” after departure that requires the suite to have been vacant for 96 hours, ensuring that no live virus would be in a suite before our team enter to begin the deep clean and disinfecting processes.

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