Atlantic Immigration Pilot Makes Hiring International Talent Easier

Posted: June 21, 2019

Businesses in Halifax are growing, and the Halifax Partnership is playing a lead role in helping employers quickly fill labour needs through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program.

“Our role is to reach out to employers to discuss their recruitment strategy and provide solutions to help with their gaps,” says Joe McGuire, Halifax Partnership Account Executive for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

Funded by both the federal and provincial governments, the AIP was created to reduce barriers to hiring international talent. The Halifax Partnership helps companies navigate this employer-focused program, supporting them in becoming designated AIP employers.

“One goal in Halifax’s Economic Growth Plan for 2016-21 is to attract and retain talent to support business growth and to grow our population,” says Joe. "The AIP can be used to hire international grads and internationally trained professionals, enabling companies to find the best person for the job."

When companies go through the AIP program, their positions can be endorsed by the Province of Nova Scotia, allowing successful candidates to obtain permanent residency sooner, a major factor in talent retention.

The Halifax Partnership and the AIP have been invaluable, says Mike Johnston, CEO of REDspace. His Bedford, Nova Scotia-based software company needs to hire 30 to 40 mid- to senior-level programmers to keep up with demand from clients such as Sony, IBM and Viacom.

“We’ve been hiring internationally for years; it can be very unpredictable and a time-consuming process,” says Mike. “The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and the support of Halifax Partnership have really helped to standardize that process.”

Helping companies such as REDspace bring talent to the region is extremely satisfying, says Joe. “Businesses in Halifax are growing and they need to recruit experienced talent. We are very excited to have the AIP.”

Learn how the Halifax Partnership can help your company navigate the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.



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