Go Global to Fill Talent Needs

Posted: September 11, 2023

In the intense competition for talent, Halifax employers are increasingly looking globally to find the expertise and skills they need to grow their businesses.

A recent article on Saltwire.com, ‘Halifax Partnership labour market experts help businesses hire international talent’, highlights how the Partnership helps local employers recruit and hire international talent through The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) and Global Talent Stream (GTS).

Laura Moore, Communications Coordinator at Rayleigh Solar Tech Photo: Contributed

These federal immigration programs speed up and streamline the process for employers to hire foreign workers and international graduates. The Partnership helps Halifax businesses identify the right programs to meet their labour needs and guides them through the application process.

Rayleigh Solar Tech in Dartmouth Nova Scotia has worked with the Partnership to take advantage of both the AIP and GTS to hire the specialized talent required to support their business growth.

“We needed [the Partnership] to get into the program, but even just their knowledge of how these things work was helpful, because it was our first time dealing with anything like it. So, it was nice to have them guiding us through it,” says Laura Moore, Communication Coordinator at Rayleigh.

Read more about Rayleigh’s experience with the AIP and GTS programs and find out if these programs could support your business in hiring international talent.



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