Connectors Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

Posted: October 10, 2023

Nathan Laird
Manager Connector Program
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Connector Appreciation Awards 2023

On September 28, Halifax Partnership hosted its annual Connector Appreciation Event which recognizes and celebrates the business and community leaders who make our Connector Program so successful.

The Connector Program, presented by RBC and supported by the Province of Nova Scotia, matches new immigrants and recent graduates (Connectees) in Halifax with established business and community leaders (Connectors) in their field. Connectors help Connectees learn about the local job market and rapidly grow their business network through direct referrals which increases their likelihood of finding a job in their field and staying in Nova Scotia.

A Year in Review

Over the past year, 55 new Connectors and 440 new Connectees have joined the program, with 205 jobs found.

Connectors of the Year Award winners Nick Misener with Venor (left), and Saratu Yakubu with RBC (center), alongside Program Manager of the Connector Program, Nathan Laird (right).

During the Connector Appreciation event hosted at NSCAD’s new FAB (Former Art Bar), three Connectors were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the program over the pat year: Kent Lane with CBCL Engineering, Nick Misener with Venor , and Saratu Yakubu with RBC. These Connectors have gone above and beyond in helping newcomers and young professionals build their network in Halifax. Luke Meijer with Verb received the Connectee to Connector award recognizing a former Connectee who is now paying it forward by being a Connector.

Connectees Eduardo Orellana, Diriba Ayele, and Sekinat Soluade speak about their experience in the Connector Program.

Get Involved

If you, or someone you know, would make a great Connector, please contact Connector Program Manager, Nathan Laird for more information.



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