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Connect with Emerging and International Talent

The Connector Program matches new immigrants and recent graduates (Connectees) in Halifax with established business and community leaders (Connectors) like you. Connectors are you and me. They’re business owners and operators, managers, civil servants and community leaders. Whether you only have a few years of experience or are a C-level executive, we all have the potential to be Connectors, and it pays off for everyone involved.

This informal networking program is as simple as having a cup of coffee and a chat, and then offering three contacts from your network that your Connectee can also get in touch with. These introductions help Connectees build their professional network, increasing their chances of finding meaningful employment in Halifax. What we can do to help:

  • Connect you to a diverse talent pool of pre-screened local and international graduates and highly skilled immigrants
  • Offer a meaningful, “light ask” volunteer experience that has a big impact on our community.
  • Provide an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by increasing inclusion, diversity and talent retention in Halifax

Learn more about Connector Program results from the past year


Connector Program staff meet with Connectees to discuss their backgrounds and career ambitions to ensure they’re “job ready”. They match each Connectee with a Connector based on industry experience and professional backgrounds. Once the connection has been made, an introduction email is sent to the Connector and the Connectee to set up a meeting.


The Connector and Connectee meet for 30 minutes in the Connector’s workplace or a coffee shop to discuss industry details, skills and areas of expertise, related news, current market demands and hidden job opportunities in Halifax.


Connectors then refer the Connectee to a minimum of three people in their network. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or others who may benefit from meeting with a skilled professional.

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As a Connector, you can access a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified job seekers while enjoying the experience of giving back to the community and making an impact.

Contact Nathan Laird to learn more.

Access Post-Secondary Students through Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is the application of classroom learning in a professional workplace. Our team can connect your business with post-secondary students studying in Nova Scotia who are looking for work experience and have skills and dedicated time to offer your business. We help by:

  • Meet with you to discuss your company’s project, position, or problem and provide tailored experiential learning recommendations
  • Connect you with post-secondary students studying in Nova Scotia
  • Educate you about the different types of experiential learning opportunities you can offer
  • Connect you to available resources to support your experiential learning placements, such as funding and grants.

Why Offer Experiential Learning Opportunities?

  • Assess students as potential employees, and groom the best talent for positions in your company
  • Bring new energy, enthusiasm and creative ideas to your business
  • Mentor and learn from students
  • Accelerate innovation and tackle ‘on the shelf’ or wish list ideas and projects
  • Provide post-secondary institutions with feedback on relevancy of training programs to the needs of industry
  • Help students gain experience and grow the local talent pool for your industry
  • Fill labour gaps during busy or vacation times without long-term commitment
  • Gain year-round access to the student talent pool, increasing awareness of the best upcoming talent and reduce future recruitment costs
  • Access provincial and federal youth hiring incentive programs
  • Increase your profile as a leader in youth employment and retention

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Experiential Learning is a low-risk way to meet and assess local talent, while improving students’ quality of education and their ability to find meaningful employment after graduation.

Contact Julie Weir to learn more.

Fill Labour Gaps with the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Employers in Nova Scotia can use the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program to hire international workers and graduates to fill immediate labour needs. We help by:

  • Assist you with navigating the AIP employer designation process
  • Continue to support you in the endorsement process and beyond
  • Connect you to resources at the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration

AIP Benefits Your Company By:

  • Speeding up processing at the Federal level and giving candidates a work permit while waiting for permanent residency
  • Allowing you to skip the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process if your efforts to hire locally have been unsuccessful
  • Enabling you to hire recent international graduates from Atlantic Canadian universities
  • Gives you access to permanent intermediate-skilled labour as well as high-skilled workers

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The Halifax Partnership’s SmartBusiness team is here to help your business navigate the process of becoming a designated employer, the first step toward hiring international talent through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

Contact Al Tek to Learn More.

What Our Clients Say

  • “I am a Connector because it is my passion to connect people. Connecting people with jobs, networks or information that can somehow assist them as they move forward in a new country, a new city or new phase of their life is incredibly rewarding! If I can do anything to help even one person grow their network, get connected with a job opportunity or advance themselves in some way then the effort is 100% worth it.

    – M. Mullock (Connector)

  • “Being a Connector is a simple ask. I meet with great people who want to build their lives here in Halifax and try to point them in the right direction. More often than not, I learn just as much, if not more, from them.”

    - N. Misener (Connector)

  • “It gave me confidence that the skills that I was developing in research, writing papers and editing could be translated not only into a job, but a tech-forward job.”

    -C. Mikol (Participant, Experiential Learning Initiative)

  • "The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program helped us hire Yuna, the best person for the job. I look at it as well through the lens of doing something good for the city to allow a smart, ambitious person to settle permanently in Halifax. Yuna is a bright young lady who brings knowledge and culture to the city. Halifax is very lucky to have her."

    -P. Polley (AIP Employer)



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