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Rich in diversity and surrounded by urban, suburban, and rural communities, Halifax is the perfect place for anyone to call home.

History with modern amenities. Progressive, yet laid back.

A combination of urban, suburban, and rural living lends itself well to exploration and allows everyone who moves here to find their perfect fit. Our approachable size means you can get to know the people and places in our tight-knit community. In Halifax, you can connect with people from all over the world who have chosen to call this place home and add to the rich, diverse culture of this region.

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Ranked Top Five among mid-sized cities for Best Human Capital and Lifestyle.

Get from boardroom to beach in 30 minutes.

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More than 100 languages spoken

Each of the last 10 years was record-breaking for international students.

200+ urban, suburban, and rural communities to live, work, and play.

Over 200 ethnicities represented.

Diversity in Halifax

The Halifax workforce and city is becoming increasingly diverse. Immigration continues to drive population growth in Halifax, with the bulk of newcomers being young families and early-career professionals, while more than 50% of our post-secondary population comes from outside our province. In Halifax, there are over 200 ethnicities represented, immigrants have settled from more than 168 different countries, and over 100 different languages are spoken. Each of the last 10 years was record-breaking for international student enrolment.

Urban, suburban, and rural communities

Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia. With over 200 urban, rural, and suburban communities to choose from, Halifax offers a unique make-up that provides something for everyone.

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