Arts & Entertainment

Between the city’s bustling nightlife, museums and galleries, historic landmarks, various shopping districts, robust food and drink scene, hiking trails, and stunning beaches there’s really no end to the culture, history, and entertainment possibilities to experience.

With an easy-going east coast culture and endless activities, what’s not to love about Halifax?

Halifax is always bustling with activities, ranging from entertainment on the boardwalk, gallery visits, restaurants and cafés, to everything in between. Whether you’re enjoying fresh and local delicacies at award-winning restaurants or celebrating at one the largest Pride Festivals in Canada, Halifax has something to offer everyone, all within a half hour drive of our unparalleled outdoor experiences.

200+ restaurants and bars.

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Variety of professional sports teams, including the Mooseheads, Wanderers FC, and Thunderbirds.

Over 65 art galleries.

Hub for visual art and home to a celebrated school for art and design.

Professional theatre company, Neptune Theatre.

Atlantic Canada’s shopping destination with a variety of major and local retailers.

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Food & Drink

From fine dining to food trucks, Halifax has over 200 restaurants and bars to explore, some of which have received international accolades. Whether you’re craving local flavours or international cuisine, Halifax is a foodie’s dream.


The sounds of Halifax’s growing and vibrant music scene can be heard across the city, at venues like your local neighbourhood bar, to stadium-style concerts at the Scotiabank Centre.


From sporting, to cultural, to heritage events, there’s something happening year-round in Halifax. Home to one of Canada’s largest pride festivals and the long-standing Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, unforgettable events take place in Halifax.


Shop at nine farmers’ markets, visit 65 art galleries, learn about our history and culture in more than 20 museums, and explore other attractions across Halifax.

Loyal sports fans

Halifax is also a passionate sports city that supports junior, university, and development sport leagues. Halifax welcomed the Canadian Premier League in 2019, a new league approved by Canada Soccer. The team has a 6,500-seat stadium and hosted 15 regular-season games during the league’s first season.

Halifax Mooseheads


Halifax Thunderbirds


HFX Wanderers FC


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