Gain the Competitive Edge

Halifax provides everything your business needs to be globally competitive. Class-A office space in an affordable city, strategic access to global markets, and highly-skilled talent.

Why Halifax?

Our size allows us to be authentically open, collaborative, and agile. In Halifax, you are able to meet with all the right people and everyone is cheering you on to succeed. You’re invited to join our connected, thriving business community, and take advantage of our TLC - talent, location and cost.

Competitive Advantages


With one of the largest concentrations of universities and best educated workforces in North America, we have the talent pipeline to support business growth and expansion.


Situated on North America’s East Coast, Halifax is a strategic location for the efficient movement of goods, people, and services around the globe — by road, rail, air and sea.


Halifax offers more competitive business costs compared to other mid and large size cities, ranking in the Top 10 of the 50 largest cities in Canada and the US for costs in our five key sectors (fdiBenchmark).


Fueled by exceptional talent, a critical mass of research and post-secondary institutions, and first-rate R&D tax credits, Halifax is an ideal location for companies of all sizes to create new products and services.


Both cosmopolitan and laid-back, Halifax offers an affordable cost of living, endless cultural and entertainment options, and easy access to outdoor recreation.

Economic Dashboard

Our interactive economic dashboard provides the most up-to-date statistics on Halifax’s economy to help you make informed business decisions.

Economic Overview



$18.8 B

Real GDP ($2007)


Labour force with post-secondary education


Unemployment rate


Labour force participation rate


Full-time employment rate

Lower tax burdens. Lower costs.

Whether starting, relocating or expanding a business, we have incentives to meet your needs. The Halifax Partnership can help you identify the best business incentives for your relocation, expansion, or innovation, and assist you in navigating the incentives process.



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