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Our mission is to empower startups to embrace the necessary risks for building exceptionally valuable companies. We achieve this by offering a wide array of services to our resident startups, including access to seasoned advisors, a robust performance framework, and an extensive suite of tools and resources tailored to foster business growth. In addition to startup services, we provide office space and a stunning coworking environment nestled in the heart of Halifax's downtown core.

Since our inception in 2013, Volta has supported over 220 startups. These companies have collectively generated more than 4,000 job opportunities and secured over $400 million in venture capital funding.

How we can help:

  • Business Development & Growth
    • Mentors and Advisors
    • Education and Training
  • Business Connections & Collaborations
    • Innovation Partners
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support
    • Acceleration and Incubation
    • Coworking Space

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-702-0194 Ext. 108

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