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Our Halifax Community

The plethora of data available through the 2021 Census of Canada allowed us to take a closer look inside Halifax’s communities. Data at this level, only available every five years, are critical to understanding how a community functions. The situations and needs of communities across our region may be vastly different. Unless we can understand and appreciate those differences, we will continue to paint over fine details with broad strokes.

The Partnership has used new tools and technologies to make the most of this opportunity. Wherever possible, we have visualized the data using the smallest geographic level available. Information highlighted in the maps is at the level of Disseminations Areas (DA) or Census Tracts (CT) to help better demonstrate the population, demographics, affordability, and commuting trends in each region of Halifax.

By clicking the link below, you can access our StoryMap, a never-before offered look at Halifax’s residents that provides insight into what makes up our community, where we are thriving, and where there is still room for improvement.

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