Posted: December 13, 2022

No one knows Halifax like Halifax Partnership, but we want you to know our city as well. We strive to find new and better ways to share Halifax’s story and provide easy access to data on Halifax's economy.

Since 2012, Halifax Partnership has produced the Halifax Index, an annual recap of our progress on a variety of economic and social indicators, including comparison to five benchmark cities across Canada. The Halifax Economic Dashboard was first launched in July 2019, with an expanded version released in May 2021. In contrast to the deeper and more analytical yearly Index, the Dashboard is continually updated with the most recent monthly and quarterly data for Halifax in a concise one-page format. The Partnership also launched the Halifax COVID-19 Recovery Tracker in August 2020 but archived it in October 2022 as we have largely moved beyond the direct economic impacts of the pandemic.

We are now pleased to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Halifax Economic Dashboard!

Changes include layout improvements to provide a cleaner, sharper look and the addition of new data points, including some that were carried over from the COVID-19 Recovery Tracker. With governments’ pandemic supports winding down, inflation at levels unseen in decades, and worsening labour shortages, we have enhanced the Dashboard’s presentation of indicators like Halifax jobs vacancies and both mortgage and non-mortgage debt.

The basic functionality of the Dashboard remains unchanged. There are three broad sections – Labour, Business Activity, and Real Estate. You can choose the duration – up to ten years for most indicators – over which you’d like to see a timeline. Each indicator is still accompanied by a brief explanation with economic context via a mouse-over pop-up. Summary bullets at the top of the page provide highlight commentary on recent movements in key indicators.

Since the launch of the Dashboard, we have had businesses and academics tell us about the convenience of finding detailed data on multiple topics all in one location, thereby saving precious time. Moreover, the Partnership has been contacted by organizations across Canada seeking advice on how to develop their own data visualization products.

Our goal is to maintain the Dashboard as the go-to place for the latest economic data for Halifax. We encourage you to explore the new Dashboard and to submit any questions or feedback to [email protected].

But wait, there’s more! … In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a new data visualization tool that will allow users to view 2021 Census and other data via a mapping interface and to drill into data for specific areas within Halifax Regional Municipality. Stay tuned for more news soon!



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