The Halifax Advantage: TLC

Posted: August 1, 2018

In June, Halifax Mayor Mike Savage addressed the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto. Halifax is sharing why more companies and people are choosing Halifax.

Halifax today is not the same as it was five years ago. Many new developments are taking shape. Halifax’s new convention centre is already booked well into 2019. The reinvention of Argyle street as a pedestrian zone in the summer allows citizens to enjoy the businesses from Neptune Theatre to Lot Six.

Continuous development to provide excellent opportunities for residents and visitors has earned Halifax a spot on the world’s “Top Five Destinations on the Rise in 2018.”

With a changing skyline, a steady pool of students entering the workforce, convenient access to pristine parks and beaches, lower costs compared to other cities, now is the time to consider Halifax.

Here’s a look at how Halifax offers businesses TLC: talent, location and cost.


More grads are staying here than ever before. Almost half of our net population growth is young people. Over the past two years, nearly 8,000 people from the 25-39-year-old demographic alone have chosen to stay in Halifax.

Mayor Savage says, “The diversity of our workforce and economy is changing. This is important not only to business but for making our communities more welcoming places to work, study, live and invest.”

Our seven post-secondary institutions attract youth on a global scale. This builds a pipeline of educated graduates that continue their career in Halifax in a variety of our knowledge-based industries. Not only for those who grew up here, but for all students. In fact, more than 50% of our post-secondary students come from outside of our province.

With one of the highest concentrations of academic institutions in the country, and a large global population coming to our universities and community colleges, local companies are benefiting from our diverse talent, and providing students with opportunities.

Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), companies are attracting highly skilled newcomers. AIP is a federal initiative unique to the region and makes it easier for companies to hire international talent.


Halifax’s strategic Canadian location makes it a gateway for the efficient movement of goods and people to global markets.

With our excellent quality of life and diversity, it’s no wonder more people are calling Halifax home. You can go from the boardroom to the beach in under 30 minutes, visit a farmer’s market in almost every district and experience art at over 65 galleries.


Halifax has significantly lower costs compared to major North American cities. KPMG ranked Halifax 8TH among 111 cities in its 2016 International Business Cost Competitiveness study.

Halifax’s affordable cost of living and quality employment allow people to not only buy homes, but to take advantage of all our city has to offer, such as art, culture, community, music and access to prime real estate, low crime rates beautiful urban parks and trails and an array of educational opportunities.

These competitive advantages are what attract people and companies. It’s probably why we ranked fourth in the list of “Top Millennial Hot Spots” and seventh in the list of "Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities Of The Future" this year.


In the heart of our downtown core are multiple universities and colleges, top research labs and hospitals, and thousands of tech, financial and life sciences firms, coming together as Halifax’s emerging innovation district.

“Innovation may be a buzzword, but it’s also real. It’s happening in cities around the world and it’s happening in Halifax,” Mayor Mike Savage.

Volta Labs, Dalhousie University’s Creative Destruction Lab and IdeaHUB, Saint Mary’s EDI (Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation) Hub, COVE (Centre for Ocean Venture and Entrepreneurship), Innovacorp and many of the companies and organizations are working together to foster growth and drive innovation in the city.

Our leading institutions, innovative organizations, and passion for social change makes navigating a career in Halifax second to none. Our people are driven, focused and take pride in their east coast hospitality.

We have the diverse talent, the breathtaking location, and that special Halifax something.

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