RBC: Preparing Talent for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Posted: November 27, 2018

RBC is leading the charge in youth retention. With the organization’s 10-year, $500 million commitment, Future Launch, they understand how valuable young employees are to our region’s economic growth.

“As the world of employment changes, it’s important we help youth prepare themselves for the jobs of tomorrow,” says Michelle Clare, RBC Regional Vice President Metro Halifax. “Research shows a clear connection between having a professional network and career success. Young people know this and are looking for solutions to help them build connections with employers, employees and professional associations.”

As presenting sponsor of the Connector Program and an organization that is committed to supporting youth, it’s no surprise that RBC has been highly engaged as a Connector Organization. Since the program began, 28 RBC Connectors have collectively met with 82 Connectees.

“Being involved in the Connector Program provides a great opportunity to showcase our team. At the same time, it’s an awesome development experience for our team members and a chance for them to expand their own networks. It can also serve as talent recruitment for us, and an opportunity to share our commitment to youth through RBC Future Launch,” says Michelle.

The Halifax Partnership’s award winning Halifax Connector Program, presented by RBC Future Launch, has been matching immigrants and local and international graduates in Halifax with established business and community leaders in their field for nine years. These business and community leaders are called Connectors, and they volunteer their time to help new residents and young people build networks and find careers in Halifax.

Connector Organizations are companies in growing industries with plans to recruit. They have multiple active Connectors in various roles and experience levels across the company. Connectees benefit from meeting with these skilled and connected employees, while Connector Organizations gain access to the local talent pool.

“For young people and immigrants who are looking for employment, being able to broaden their network is a critical part of a successful job search,” says Michelle. “It’s important that there be a wide variety of Connectors for them to meet with, who represent a diverse selection of employers and job positions. You never know where the next opportunity could come from!”

Andrew Doroshenko, a recent immigrant to Halifax from the Ukraine, joined the Halifax Connector Program, and through meeting a Connector at RBC, secured employment with the organization.

“I moved to Halifax five months ago and joined the Connector Program. I met with Program Manager Nathan Laird and my Connector at RBC, who helped me build my local professional network, and as a result, I received a job offer. I started to work as a Banking Advisor at RBC two weeks ago, which was my goal,” says Andrew. “I want to encourage other newcomers to join the Connector Program, because networking is key to successful employment in Canada.”

Here are a few of RBC’s Connectors on why they are involved in the Connector Program:

“I am proud to be a Connector because I believe there’s a lot of talent in Halifax. I really enjoy meeting skilled individuals and helping them in their search for a meaningful career. The right introduction can make a big difference and the Connector Program helps make this happen.”

- Melinda Sheridan, Senior IT Lead

“It’s a way of giving back, and I really enjoy meeting new people. Helping people build their network not only helps them with their career prospects, it also benefits the community, which is good for us all. I was fortunate to have great connections when I was young so it’s nice to help out other people in this way.”

- Michael Drohan, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

“I am a Connector because it is my passion to connect people. Connecting people with jobs, networks or information that can somehow assist them as they move forward in a new country, a new city or new phase of their life is incredibly rewarding! It is important to help people build a network because we all had to start somewhere. If I can do anything to help even one person grow their network, get connected with a job opportunity or advance themselves in some way then the effort is 100% worth it.

- Meggan Mullock, Senior Recruiter

Being a Connector is a great way to give back to your community and connect immigrants and new graduates to the networks they need to find careers and build their lives here in Halifax.
To learn more about becoming a Connector, contact Nathan Laird, Program Manager of the Halifax Connector Program at [email protected].



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