Profile: Project Management Institute, Nova Scotia Chapter

Posted: July 16, 2020

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global organization known for its widely recognized standards for Project Management certifications, academic and market research programs, and volunteering and professional development opportunities.

Robin England, President of the Nova Scotia Chapter of PMI, shares her perspective on how the Chapter benefits members and non-members across many industries in our province.

What is PMI NS?

At the Nova Scotia Chapter, we help members and non-members alike make connections through our mentorship, networking, and volunteering opportunities, and improve skills through our programs, learning events, and engagement opportunities. Our chapter has something for everyone, from those starting out in Project Management to those at the senior levels in their careers.

For a small province, we are proud to have more than 700 members and continue to grow every year. While we are a provincial organization, our largest demographic base is here in Halifax.

What are the advantages of Halifax for your members?

Halifax is a networking city. In our annual survey, networking opportunities always rank highly, if not highest, in what our membership is looking for, and each year we work in response to develop more events, programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Providing networking opportunities and skills for professional learning and advancement is at the heart of what we do. All of us on the Board of Directors have the privilege of seeing the power of local networking through our Chapter. Our collaboration with Halifax Partnership only increases these benefits for our Halifax community.

How is PMI NS supporting the youth of Nova Scotia?

Our mandate as a Chapter is promotion and professional development support of Project Management as a profession. For students, this holds especially true and Project Management as a career is within reach right out of school. We give presentations at universities, community colleges and high schools to introduce students of all backgrounds to a prospective career in Project Management.

For where it can take our youth, Project Management skills benefit many professions in Nova Scotia and across all industries and fields. Project Management spans construction, IT, healthcare, communications, government, finance, and more. Learning the core skills and tools, and gaining certifications to keep taking you further is an entire career opportunity. We also provide an annual scholarship through PMIEF to help support students in their Project Management study.

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