POLYCORP Hires New Employee Through Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Posted: November 23, 2018

In fall of last year, Peter was attending a networking event hosted by the Spryfield Business Commission when he met Joe McGuire, a member of the Halifax Partnership’s AIP team. Joe works with businesses to help them navigate the AIP process and become designated employers, the first step toward permanently hiring through the program. Nova Scotia employers can easily and more quickly use AIP to hire foreign workers and international graduates. The program speeds up processing at the Federal level and gives candidates a work permit while waiting for permanent residency.

“When I first met Joe, I didn’t immediately think to start the AIP process. Independent of the program, we were looking to hire for a marketing position that was new to our business. The best applicant was a woman who had moved to Halifax under a temporary work visa. She was head and shoulders above the other applicants in terms of her experience, and we felt she was a good fit with her interests and abilities.”

Peter says he got involved in AIP because it was a way to hire his new employee, Yuna Ahn, on a permanent basis. “We hired Yuna on a short-term contract as an interim measure. It was clear that she was a good find, so I reached out to Joe to learn more about starting the AIP process.”

This was the first time POLYCORP had hired a foreign worker. Both Peter and Yuna were surprised by how quick the process was. Peter hired Yuna in December 2017, and she became a Permanent Resident of Nova Scotia in September 2018.

“AIP is the fastest immigration program I’ve experienced in Canada,” says Yuna. “Even though I had not been studying or working in Canada, I was able to apply for AIP with my overseas career experience. I hope the AIP program is extended to help attract more foreign talent to the Atlantic provinces.”

“Joe was a great resource for assisting with the process,” says Peter. “The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration as well as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Dedicated Service Channel also have great resource teams to draw from when we had questions.”

Peter says that Yuna is already making her mark on the company. In her role, she works closely with POLYCORP’s sales manager on digital marketing and social media strategies and analytics. “She is doing well and has been a huge asset to our marketing team. She is a talented graphic designer, and brings a depth of knowledge that we didn’t have before.”

“I like working at POLYCORP because my company trusts the way I work, and gives me diverse opportunities to show my abilities,” says Yuna. “I’m learning every day in a fast-paced environment and experiencing a variety of disciplines from digital marketing to communication design.”

Now, with a new employee contributing positively to his company, Peter highly recommends AIP to other Nova Scotia employers. “It helped us hire the best person for the job. I also see it as social responsibility. If we want to see our city and province grow, AIP is something other businesses need to take an interest in. We need to hire young graduates and provide jobs for immigrants in our community. I look at it as well through the lens of doing something good for the city to allow a smart, ambitious person to settle permanently in Halifax. Yuna is a bright young lady who brings knowledge and culture to the city. She is heavily involved as a volunteer with several local organizations. She’s making her life here and is already giving back. She is a wonderful person that Halifax is very lucky to have.”

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