Explore Halifax’s Eastern Shore

Posted: July 15, 2022

Get to know Halifax’s Eastern Shore

Located only 45 minutes from Halifax’s downtown core, this coastal community is known for its historic attractions, protected 100 Wild Islands coastal wilderness area, long white sand beaches, and top-of-the-line cold water surfing opportunities. It’s the perfect place to experience the beauty that comes with living in a coastal city, while also offering amazing opportunities to build and grow a career.

Keep reading to learn more about this community and why it’s worth checking out.


The Eastern Shore is made up of these communities. If you're looking to buy real estate in this area of Halifax, click here to explore current listings. The average home price on the Eastern Shore is $289,733 (as of June 2022).

  • Chezzetcook
  • Jeddore
  • Lake Echo
  • Middle Musquodoboit
  • Moser River
  • Musquodoboit Harbour
  • Porter's Lake
  • Port Dufferin
  • Sheet Harbour
  • Sheet Harbour 36 (Mi'kmaq reserve)
  • Ship Harbour
  • Upper Musquodoboit

Things to Do

Beaches and surfing

Photo Credit: Discover Halifax

This region of Halifax features expansive beaches and the surfing culture that goes along with them. Both Lawrencetown Beach and Martinique Beach offer stunning coastal views and waves for first-time and experienced surfers alike. For this reason, the Eastern Shore is noted as being home to some of the best cold water surfing along the East Coast.

100 Wild Islands

Photo Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

Known for being an incredible natural treasure, the Eastern Shore is home to the 100 Wild Islands, an ecologically rich group of islands—some of the last remaining in North America. Spanning 30 km along the coast, the 100 Wild Islands boast beautiful white sand and turquoise water beaches, boreal rainforests, and unique wildlife. Accessible by boat or by bike, the 100 Wild Islands are a natural beauty not to be missed. Explore the islands with Sober Island Boat tours.

Museums & Galleries

Photo Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

The Eastern Shore region has several museums, art galleries, and villages, all of which offer insight into the community’s rich history and culture.

Some museums to check out include:

Explore other things to do in the Eastern Shore



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