Maritime Paper finds “Joy” through AIP

Posted: August 3, 2021

When Dartmouth box manufacturer Maritime Paper needed someone to design custom boxes, they found Alex Joy.

He came to Nova Scotia from Southern India where he trained as an electrical and electronics engineer. When he arrived, he enrolled at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) for a course in industrial engineering.

“My cousin has lived in Lunenburg since 2013,” Joy said. “He recommended that I take a course at NSCC.”

Joy graduated from the engineering technology program in April 2020.

During his studies, he was hired by Maritime Paper for one work term which led to another work term.

It turned out to be a perfect fit. Joy had the exact skillset the company needed to design bespoke corrugated boxes, so they hired him to work full time as a structural engineer.

Nova Scotia was also perfect for Joy.

“Nova Scotia is calm and peaceful,” he said. “I would prefer this rather to a busy life.”

- Alex Joy, Maritime Paper

For Joy, the other benefit to working at Maritime Paper was the fact that it was designated in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) program, which provided an opportunity for him to obtain permanent residency (PR) and make a life in Halifax.

With the help of his employer, he applied to the program and received his endorsement from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration and Population Growth as a candidate for permanent residency. Joy expects to receive his PR in July 2021.

Maritime Paper was an early adopter of the AIP. Its Human Resources Director Susan MacQuarrie was a board member of the Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) when the AIP started.

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Independent, privately owned by a family based in Nova Scotia and proudly rooted on Canada’s East Coast, Maritime Paper Products Ltd has access to international markets – creating in turn business opportunities with reaches far beyond Maritime Paper.

She immediately recognized the opportunity for Maritime Paper to develop a larger pool of talent and registered the company right away. She knew she’d have to take the time to understand the program, its rules, and requirements.

That’s where Halifax Partnership came in. MacQuarrie worked with an AIP Account Executive at the Partnership who helped her apply for designation.

“I think that it’s easier than it appears because of the help of the Halifax Partnership,” MacQuarrie said. “They literally talked me through the process.”

MacQuarrie wants other employers in Halifax to know how effective the AIP is for recruiting and hiring employees with specialized skill sets, like Joy.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is supported by the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada.

This story is part of a five-part series highlighting how the AIP program has helped businesses and talent succeed in Halifax.

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Our team can assist your business with the AIP employer designation process and support you through your endorsement and beyond.



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