IT Jobs in Halifax

Posted: October 26, 2020

How to land a job in Halifax’s thriving IT sector

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in Halifax. There are a significant number of IT jobs in Halifax, and these opportunities are in high demand – making it one the best cities in Canada for IT. Plus, the city offers competitive cost-of-living and a unique east-coast lifestyle for professionals at all stages of their career.

The job market can seem vast and intimidating, especially at a time where most networking and recruitment are happening virtually.

Here are four tips to help you with your job search in IT:

1. Research companies of interest and create a target list.

Research local IT companies, for example Bulletproof Solutions or Bell Aliant, to find out what they’re working on and if it’s something that aligns with your interests and experience. Then, create a target list. Follow them on social media and in the news, and keep an eye out for any opening job opportunities that make your skillset.

While it’s common to gravitate towards the larger and well-established IT companies, there is generally more competition for their open positions. Keep the large companies that interest you on your radar but also consider small and medium-sized IT companies to diversify your search.

Bell Aliant

Bell is Canada’s leading communications company. Bell’s IT and Network Engineering teams are foundational to Bell’s competitive advantage.

2. Communicate your qualifications in plain language.

Keep in mind that the person hiring for IT positions may not be an IT professional themselves. Be conscious of this when writing your resume and cover letter and preparing for an interview.

For your resume, don’t focus solely on the software you know how to use. Highlight your entire skillset including soft skills like communication, flexibility, and teamwork. It will be more impressive to the person hiring for the position to see that your skills are well-rounded and transferable. For interviews, prepare and practice answers that show you know how to communicate with others who might not have a technical background.

Bulletproof Solutions

Bulletproof works with some of the most renowned technology partners in the world. The company is often looking for IT specialists to be part of their team.

3. Look outside the typical job search platforms.

You may find yourself focusing on the same job search platforms. Try researching and finding platforms that are not as commonly used or directed at local jobs, such as Digital Nova Scotia’s job board. You may find a job on these more niche resources that are not advertised on more popular platforms.


With more than 1,700 employees from coast to coast, Eastlink is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. They strive to attract the best people to expand their telecommunications and entertainment services.

4. Talk to an employment agency.

An employment agency can inform you about companies in your field that are looking to hire and potentially point a recruiter your way. They can also give you advice and additional training to help land your dream position.

NTT Data

As a top 10 global IT services provider with 118,000+ employees in more than 50 countries, NTT Data blends IT and business expertise with decades of industry know-how.

The IT job sector is in demand right now and job opportunities can vary - from database administrators, to network specialists, to devops. There's plenty of room to grow your IT career in Halifax and achieve your dream IT job.

Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program can help you connect to companies and professionals in the IT sector. Click here to learn more about how we can help you build your professional network in Halifax.



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