HuMetis set for a high-tech restart in Halifax

Posted: April 6, 2022
Left: Babu Sampath, Chief Operating Officer at HuMetis Technology Group. Right: Srirag (Sri) Babu, Business Development Executive, HuMetis Technology Group.

No stranger to international scope and complexity, technical staffing and solutions company, HuMetis, chose Halifax for a new software development and quality assurance centre, seeking to expand from its usual roster of providing IT support for organizations like Cisco, Covendis, and the State of Nebraska. The company has offices across the U.S., Canada, and India, with a team of about 150 people.

“We founded HuMetis as a group of entrepreneurs and experts in cloud computing, software quality, and emerging technologies,” says Babu Sampath, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We want to make IT expertise accessible to all kinds of organizations, and not just the big players.”

The team kicked off in Halifax in February 2020, a matter of weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic dampened their start. Put on hold, the company is about to catch up on its hiring goals and grow a core team in the city.

“We do bring in international experts, but our strategy is to nurture local talent,” says Sampath. “Being based in Nova Scotia keeps our costs low, which creates a win-win—the more people we can hire, the better it is for our capacity as well as for the local economy.”

Canada and Nova Scotia attract business with favourable government incentives, and with a plethora of universities and talent. Sampath describes Halifax as the perfect intersection of what so many businesses need: the right people in the right location, fostered by an atmosphere of growth.

“Now that things are opening up again, we’re 100% focused on building up the team here,” he says.

“Without the Halifax Partnership, we’d be wandering around without direction. We have had an open conversation with them right from the beginning, and they were very helpful. They have always sent us the right way—they’ve been like a GPS for our expansion.”

- Babu Sampath, COO, HuMetis Technologies

From Halifax, HuMetis will capitalize on its public sector experience in other countries, while also aiming to connect with small to mid-sized businesses with enough revenue and capability to expand and need support.

“When you’re developing technology, an experienced quality assurance team makes a huge difference,” he says. “We set up to specialize and offer this, and Halifax was the ideal home base.”

After an extraordinary year of pivoting and delays, the company’s outlook is bright. Its next five years will be all about catching up and growing.

“Within the next year or two we will get to where we wanted to be and grow from there,” says Sampath. “We’re excited for that, but we’re also grateful for the warmth and enthusiasm of Halifax through challenging times. Everyone has been extremely welcoming, and it makes us all that much more motivated to get things moving.”

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HuMetis Technologies is a group of technology entrepreneurs making advanced technological solutions available to businesses of any size. Their Cloud Engineering makes custom solutions that enable organizations to achieve their goals.



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