Hiring internationally brings rich global perspective to the Prince George & Cambridge Suites hotels

Posted: January 9, 2020

Hiring the right talent is a top priority for any business, however many businesses experience challenges filling their specific labour needs. As Director of Human Resources for the Prince George and Cambridge Suites hotels, Carol Logan knows this firsthand. “With the labour demands in the market, it’s been tough for us to find the applicants with the right skills, behaviours, and competencies for the roles we need.”

The Prince George and Cambridge Suites are sister hotels, both in the heart of downtown Halifax. Between the two properties they have more than 260 employees. “Our hotels stand out,” says Carol. “We are recognized for how people feel when they stay here, and that comes from our staff. They are the ones who build our reputation.”

For many years, Carol and her team have been hiring international talent to fill their labour needs. In the past they have hired Temporary Foreign Workers and used the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. Both had been successful but were long, complicated processes.

The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration referred Carol to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). The program helps employers in Nova Scotia hire international workers and graduates to fill labour needs and fast-track their permanent residency. With help from the Halifax Partnership, the hotels became an AIP designated employer.

“The process was easier, faster, and with less paperwork than expected,” says Carol. “There were also support systems in place – you could call up and speak to someone to get help with your questions.”

The program has been a huge success for the hotels. They have received 12 endorsements – the next step in the AIP process – and have 20 more in progress. Through AIP, they have hired skilled workers and graduates from around the globe.

Carol says this influx of international employees has been an asset to their hotels. “Working in hospitality, diversity is so important,” she explains. “I look at the incredible flavours in our food and our staff who speak so many languages. It reflects who our customers are – people from all over the world.”

Guests at the hotels aren’t the only ones who benefit from this diversity. Having that global perspective makes for a stronger team and a better workplace, says Carol. “Different people enrich the values we have with their culture and experience. They share it with us, we celebrate it, and we learn more. We become more because of it.”

Interested in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot?

See how the Halifax Partnership can help your business navigate the process of becoming a designated employer.



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