Halifax startup to test COVID-19 screening solution with innovation partners

Posted: October 6, 2020

Andrew Boswell, CEO & Co-Founder of Rimot.io , and James Craig, CTO & Co-Founder of Rimot.io with the new RimotHEALTH Workplace Virus Threat Screening technology at Halifax Partnership's office.

Halifax-based startup Rimot.io Inc. has partnered with local innovation partners Halifax Partnership and Volta to test a safer and more secure way to screen for COVID-19.

Halifax Partnership, Halifax’s economic development organization and Volta, Canada’s east coast innovation hub, are supporting the local startup by testing a new release of their technology.

The pilot is the first project of the City as a Living Lab initiative through the Halifax Innovation Outpost, a partnership between Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Partnership, supported by the Province of Nova Scotia.

“Halifax Partnership is pleased to launch the first pilot of the Halifax Innovation Outpost’s City as a Living Lab initiative with our partner Volta and local startup Rimot, which has created a product here in Halifax that is aiding in the response to the global COVID-19 health crisis. Our goal is to support Halifax-based startups and scaleups in getting their products to market and growing their companies in Halifax.”
- Wendy Luther, President & CEO, Halifax Partnership.


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