Halifax Partnership’s Minder Singh Wins Community Leader Award

Posted: December 13, 2023

Halifax Partnership’s Minder Singh Wins Community Leader Award

We are excited to announce that Minder Singh, Senior Account Executive with our SmartBusiness Program won the Community Leader Award at the 2023 Volta Ecosystem Impact Awards. The annual Ecosystem Impact Awards event honours those who have made a significant contribution to the startup community in Atlantic Canada.

With over 20 years of international business and consultancy experience, Minder has helped startups and scaleups in the Halifax region pursue opportunities, overcome challenges, and develop the strategic partnerships needed to innovate, grow, and succeed.

Jason Guidry, Director, Trade & International Partnerships at Halifax Partnership says, “Minder cares deeply for the startups he works with. His genuine passion to understand their challenges and help them, coupled with his extensive knowledge, is what makes him successful”. 

Minder explains that it's gratifying to build genuine connections with businesses and to help them connect to and leverage resources they didn’t know existed. He says that his passion for his work comes from a belief that, “if you do something, do it right or not at all,” which is demonstrated in his dedication to and success in helping Halifax startups and scaleups develop and grow.

Dr. James Wylde, President and CEO of green tech company Greenlight Analytical (GLA), speaks to Minder’s commitment to spearheading the advancement of technology and economic development in Halifax.

“I founded my company in Ontario, in what was nominally the center of tech innovation and startups.”, says Wylde. “I quickly decided that we needed to find a location that was more supportive of early-stage technology companies. I met with representatives from the GTA, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver with little success in finding an eco-system that had the network and infrastructure that we needed.”

Dr. Wylde began to look at Halifax as a possibility for a new home for Greenlight Analytical and reached out to Halifax Partnership where he was connected with Minder.

“Minder was instrumental in making the connections with various local agencies and accelerators, which proved to be the catalyst for our decision to locate GLA in Halifax. Greenlight Analytical is doing business, growing, and more importantly staying in Halifax because of the efforts of Minder.”

Congratulations to Minder on being recognized for his tremendous contributions to startups and scaleups in the Halifax region.



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