Greenlight Analytical Inc. happy to be a part of the thriving business ecosystem in Halifax

Posted: July 14, 2020

For Dr. James Wylde, President and CEO of Greenlight Analytical, expanding to Halifax has opened doors for his start-up business in ways he hasn’t seen in other places.

He and his small team are developing a portable cannabis and narcotics analyser with a simple interface that makes it suitable for licensed producers and law enforcement, and he has found the business community in Halifax to be very welcoming.

“We found out that the ecosystem in Atlantic Canada for a start-up company was very good, so we packed up and moved,” said James. “There seems to be a good vibe of us all being in this together, and we find that people are happy to make recommendations and build relationships.”

It is primarily thanks to connections made by Hector Fraser at Halifax Partnership that the business is growing so quickly.

“When we were scouting locations, I had no idea what was here, and Hector helped us secure early stage funding from Innovacorp,” said James. “He was very willing to facilitate those relationships and those partnerships.”

James explained that these connections were how he was first connected to Enginuity, an engineering and design firm in Halifax where the company is now building prototypes.

“Like most start-ups, we're working on a limited budget and trying to stretch every dollar,” said James. “When everything you need is here locally, you’re no more than two or three degrees of separation from the person you need to talk to.”

Along with Enginuity and Innovacorp, Hector was able to help Greenlight secure funding and support from government sources, BioNova, and Emera ideaHUB at Dalhousie; Halifax Partnership also offers assistance with labour and talent concerns.

Greenlight is currently working with a specialist in the United States, and when they’re ready to bring him on full time, Halifax Partnership can help provide information on immigration for highly skilled employees.

“It’s almost impossible for start-up companies to find all of the resources they need, when there are so many other things to worry about,” said Hector Fraser of Halifax Partnership. “Halifax Partnership brings together all three levels of government, industry and educational partners to foster the connections new businesses need to grow and succeed.”

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