Eastern College Helps Students Become Job-ready Graduates

Posted: January 16, 2023

As businesses continue to face critical labour shortages, the importance of expedited training programs to fill labour gaps in professional roles is revealing itself now more than ever before. One such program, producing qualified, work-ready graduates, is the Paralegal Program offered by Eastern College.

In Nova Scotia, paralegals work for law firms, record search companies, and in legal departments throughout the public and private sectors, doing independent legal work under the general supervision of lawyers, carrying out routine legal and administrative tasks and helping lawyers with more complex matters. It is estimated that the profession will see strong opportunity and low unemployment as work-ready graduates, such as those trained through Eastern College, fill professional labour gaps caused by industry growth and retirements.

Completed in just under a year and a half, Eastern College’s paralegal program provides students with a broad understanding of legal concepts, values, and principles of the Canadian legal system, combined with specific knowledge about major areas of law. Students also gain real-world work experience through an 8-week field placement. Upon completion of the program, graduates are qualified and ready to work as paralegals.

Legal firm Cox & Palmer is no stranger to the talent that emerges from Eastern College’s paralegal program. As a field placement host, they provide meaningful work experience to students and have hired some outstanding Eastern College students immediately following their work-terms.


Cox & Palmer notes, “one of the biggest advantages of hosting students for their work placements is the fact that it could turn into a long-lasting working relationship. When hiring a student, an employer is hiring someone who is eager to learn and put their new skills to good use.”

Nancy Drennan, a recent Eastern College Paralegal grad, describes her experience and choice to venture onto a new path of advancing her education and changing careers as “the best decision [she] has ever made, next to having four beautiful babies.” Nancy has found great success and satisfaction, both during her participation in the program and upon graduating. She now works as a Paralegal with Cox & Palmer, and attributes much of her success to the many incredible people she met during her time at Eastern College, and her successful field placement.

Becoming a field placement host enables businesses to form early connections with local up-and-coming talent that have long-term potential in in-demand fields. Businesses interested in becoming field placement hosts, and accessing Eastern College’s trained talent can learn more here.



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