Diverse experiences add value for MUFG Investor Services

Posted: November 13, 2019

For Rachael Pascall, Senior Manager of Human Resources at MUFG Investor Services’ Halifax office, not only does hiring skilled newcomers make good business sense, but it’s also something that connects with her on a personal level. “I’ve always been passionate about giving opportunities to newcomers. I worked with immigrants in the UK, and I am an immigrant myself.”

MUFG | Halifax Partnership

MUFG Investor Services is one of the world’s leading financial groups providing comprehensive fund administration and accounting solutions to asset managers globally. As such the organization has offices and staff in strategic locations around the world. MUFG’s Halifax office is one of three in Canada, and since 2017 it has been earmarked as the strategic growth centre for North America with hundreds of new employees hired. “It’s important to have a balance of diverse experiences when hiring. The pool of talent in Halifax with its different perspectives has been invaluable for us,” says Rachael.

MUFG Investor services prides itself on a culture rooted in strong relationships with both its staff and clients. A significant part of the company’s heritage is focused on internal culture, nurturing staff, and building long standing relationships with clients. As a result, the firm has very high staff retention and clients often highlight their people as key to their ongoing business relationship.

To help fill the growing need for talent within the company, Rachael turned to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program. Employers in Nova Scotia can use the AIP to hire international workers and graduates to fill immediate labour needs.

“I had heard of the AIP but I hadn’t looked into it, because I thought it was going to take a lot of time and effort,” says Rachael. “Al from the Halifax Partnership contacted me about becoming a designated employer through the program. He was informative and helped us navigate the process. Like everybody these days, I’m very busy, and was a little worried about the workload it was going to add, but I was surprised by how straightforward and easy it was. I finished the paperwork in one afternoon. Al was great – I was able to call him if I had any questions. Having that support from the Partnership was the driver that pushed us to get the process done.”

Rachael says that MUFG has had several successes so far. One high skilled worker was endorsed earlier in the year and has recently received their PR, several international graduates have been endorsed and are awaiting PR, and a number of other applications are currently going through the endorsement process.

Besides the AIP, a large representation of MUFG’s employees are from diverse backgrounds. “We work closely with ISANS and have had a lot of success recruiting newcomer employees.” Rachael says that 30% of their hires are international graduates or immigrants.

“I moved to Nova Scotia almost eight years ago and had difficulty finding work, which was a shock for me as an experienced professional,” says Rachael. “We’re a welcoming place, but back then that was not the case. I’m so happy to be a part of the change toward a more welcoming and integrative region. A few years ago, if newcomers wanted to work in finance, most of them looked at career options in larger cities. Now they’re looking at Halifax, and at MUFG. I have three kids, and the fact that there are job opportunities here makes me very hopeful for their future in Nova Scotia.”

To learn more about the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and how the Halifax Partnership can help your business navigate the process of becoming a designated employer, call Al Tek at 902-490-6000 or visit



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