Cory Bell, President & CEO, Lindsay Construction

Posted: October 24, 2017

Cory Bell
President & CEO
Lindsay Construction

This month we talked to Cory Bell, President & CEO of Lindsay Construction. Lindsay Construction works to provide exceptional building services. It is locally owned and operated with offices in Dartmouth, St. John’s, and Moncton.

Cory is also a member of the Halifax Partnership’s Board of Directors.

Tell us about Lindsay Construction and the greatest opportunities/challenges that lie ahead? What is your vision for the city?

"This is an incredibly exciting time for Halifax. Not only are we experiencing physical changes in the built environment and a transformation of the streetscape, but we are also seeing growth in key sectors like oceans and IT. Lindsay Construction has been part of many of these new projects and it’s inspiring for our team to contribute to these pivotal changes.

We want to be part of creating a city and region that keeps pace with the needs of the modern economy – a place where people want to come and live, where students want to stay and work, and where people want to spend their leisure time.

What do you see as the greatest advantages of operating a business in Halifax?

"There is a long list but I would highlight the incredible talent pool from which we can draw. We are surrounded by some of the most admired post-secondary institutions in the country and all of these schools, from NSCC to Dal to St. FX, are creating progressive programming and fostering skills and talent of our youth. At Lindsay, we have a long tradition of hiring students and we’re proud to be the first point of entry as they embark on their professional lives.

We also have an unmatched lifestyle here. People value the balance of working hard but also having a life outside work where you can enjoy the elements and spend quality time with family and friends. I think people appreciate that today, now more than ever.

Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. What is Lindsay Construction doing?

"At Lindsay, we are a founding partner of the Building Futures for Youth Program, an initiative of Construction Association of Nova Scotia in conjunction with the Department of Education, NSCC and Apprenticeship Nova Scotia where high school students gain work experience in the industry during their summer break. Since its inception close to a decade ago, Lindsay has supported the program by hiring numerous students.

In addition, Lindsay has a long standing practice of supporting students both at NSCC and our universities with Lindsay-funded scholarships and with co-op placements. During the past two years alone we have hired approximately 20 co-op and summer students for various positions, including Student Project Engineers, Student Engineers, Student Accountants, Student Programming Analysts, and HR Interns and Assistants.

We strongly believe in youth retention, and in giving students exposure and first-hand experience to our business. If you look across our employee base it is full of capable young people who are carving a new path in the industry. We look forward to continuing that tradition."

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