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Posted: February 18, 2020

Deborah Clarke
President & Co-Founder
Clothesline Media Inc.

This month, we spoke with Deborah Clarke, President & Co-Founder, Clothesline Media Inc.

Tell us about Clothesline Media and the greatest challenges or opportunities ahead.

A very wise and successful woman once told me: “Anything that I have that’s any good came out of this place.” She was talking about her own town but she could have just as easily been talking about how I feel about Halifax, my hometown.

Clothesline Media is a boutique marketing company that believes in the power of story to drive change. We turn five this year and we are so grateful for all of our clients who trust in our ability to tell their story.

The endless opportunities for Clothesline Media are thanks to the factors that are driving growth in Halifax: a young and educated workforce; a vibrant and engaged business community of both established and emerging companies; and a lifestyle that is unmatched.

Every day there is something new and exciting that points to the phenomenal shift taking place in Halifax. Take, for example, the recent New York Times story about the immensely talented architect Omar Gandhi or the news that Wattpad is setting up shop here.

With all that is happening here – the Halifax Innovation District, Volta, Innovacorp, the Emera ideaHUB – our team’s greatest challenge is keeping on top of the wealth of opportunities.

What do you see as the greatest advantages of operating a business in Halifax?

Halifax has a lot of advantages but for us, it comes down to two things. The first? Those trees, that beach, the blue ocean that reaches across to another continent. A short commute. Housing prices that are not astronomical. An abundance of universities and the vibrancy that comes from hosting so many students. In short, a lifestyle that is increasingly drawing envious glances.

The second? A sense of community and a feeling of pride. A genuine desire by the business community, by the movers and shakers and by the everyday folks to grab the opportunities that are now in front of us and run with them. The future belongs to those who are brave enough to believe.
Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. How does Clothesline Media support emerging talent in our province?

Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. How does Clothesline Media support emerging talent in our province?

At Clothesline Media we strive to be the sort of employer we would want for our children. We have hired students and recent graduates and have brought co-op students on board. We have given talented young people meaningful work and have been impressed by their ideas, enthusiasm and work ethic. We are also part of the Connector Program, a creative partner of #HireMeHalifax, and sponsored the Game Changers Program.

Every day in our work we are telling the story of a thriving Halifax and the young talent that is helping to power that growth.

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