Bruce Keith, Business Development Manager, G4S

Posted: February 21, 2018

Bruce Keith
Business Development Manager

This month we talked to Bruce Keith, Business Development Manager at G4S Secure Solutions Canada. G4S is a global company with a 50-year legacy of innovation in the Canadian security business.

Tell us about G4S and the greatest opportunities/challenges that lie ahead?

“Founded by retired members of the RCMP in Canada, G4S operates across the country servicing companies large and small, and employs nearly 9,000 Canadians in the process. G4S partners with customers to understand their risks and creates an optimized security program to meet their business goals. We do this by combining risk consulting, software and technology, systems integration, and security personnel. The greatest opportunity that lies ahead for G4S in Halifax is our ability to differentiate ourselves through customer service, innovation and the breadth of solutions we have available. Given our global experience and Canadian expertise, there is potential for us to partner with multinational organizations looking to invest in Halifax, as well as local companies looking to expand. Our biggest challenge is modernizing the market’s perception of security as an opportunity to enhance business operations, whether that is improving a visitor’s experience to a customer site or the efficiency and safety of a customer’s employees. Building our brand and establishing G4S as a trusted service provider province-wide is key to our success.”

What do you see as the greatest advantages of operating a business in Halifax?

“G4S is drawn to the growth and change happening in Halifax as it expands from a national shipping and logistics hub to Canada’s eastern capital of commerce. G4S is excited to contribute to that change and partner with local businesses to promote further investment and development of the community. We see Halifax as having an appetite to innovate. This aligns with our own goals of bringing about change in the security industry while making a positive social and economic impact on the communities in which our employees, customers and suppliers live and work. G4S is a certified partner of the Military Employment Transition program (MET) and we employ veterans across Canada. Halifax offers G4S a strong base from which to draw capable life safety professionals as we continue to bridge the gap between the Canadian Armed Forces and the private sector.”

Hiring youth is important to the economic growth of Nova Scotia. What is G4S doing?

“Nova Scotia has several renowned universities and colleges that attract students from across the country and around the world. G4S sees this as an opportunity from which to draw talent and cultivate the future generation of our industry. G4S invests in its employees, offering industry leading training programs and continued education opportunities that support the development of our workforce. We partner with schools across North America to offer co-op programs. We regularly attend university and college recruitment fairs.”

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