AIP boosts GIT innovation program

Posted: September 14, 2021

Mo AlGermozi is an entrepreneur working on cutting-edge nanotechnology. He and his partner Marciel Gaier developed a process to use graphene as a non-toxic coating for marine vessels and co-founded GIT in 2017 to develop graphene technology products.

They have since created marine coatings that are a sustainable option for various vessels including cargo ships, fishing vessels, ferries, and pleasure crafts. The use of GIT’s products increases the efficiency of vessels by providing a smooth finish which can lead to fuel savings, decreases in GHG emissions, and a reduction in underwater radiated noise.

The exciting field of nanotechnology is highly specialized and requires a specific skill set. AlGermozi and Gaier needed nanotechnologists and paint formulators to help with R&D. Specialists in this area tend to be in specific regions around the world.

“Our target was to hire people with specific specialist knowledge,” AlGermozi said. “It was hard to find people in Canada.”

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GIT is a leading Canadian materials engineering firm focused on delivering disruptive uses for graphene technologies. Recent News.

Government programs, including the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), helped connect GIT to the talent they needed. GIT became an AIP designated employer which put them in a position to attract, recruit, and retain the highly specialized talent the company needed to grow.

This is where Clayton Galvan came in. He was a mechanical engineer who arrived in Nova Scotia from Brazil two years ago with his wife who was studying industrial engineering at NSCC.

Galvan connected with GIT and AlGermozi offered him a job when he saw Galvan’s unique skill set and the value he could offer the company.

Galvan and his wife fell in love with Nova Scotia and decided they wanted to stay.

“We love it here. Of all the Canadian provinces, Nova Scotia reminds us most of the place we came from in the South of Brazil.”

- Clayton Galvan, R&D and Chemical Engineer, Graphite Innovation & Technologies.

His hometown in Brazil is Curitiba, a city of about two million, which is known for its culture and agriculture.

With GIT’s help, Galvan and his wife entered the AIP program and received an endorsement from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration and Population Growth as candidates for accelerated permanent residency.

“They provided me we all the things I need when I started my application,” Galvan said. “They showed me the way that I should do everything and went through all of the steps and processes. I am very grateful.”

Galvan and his wife expect to receive their permanent residency before the end of 2021.

Galvan is one of two AIP candidates working at GIT – the other is an engineer from Bangladesh who is also awaiting permanent residency.

For GIT, the AIP has connected them with skilled engineers in the field that has enabled the company to achieve their research and product development goals.

And for Galvan and his wife, AIP has given them the opportunity to stay in Nova Scotia and continue to build a life in Halifax.

“We certainly are a fan of the AIP program,” said AlGermozi.

“The Halifax Partnership was a tremendous support. They took the time to understand the needs of GIT and how they could support us. They walked us through the application process and provided guidance on how to find talent through future growth phases.”

- Mo AlGermozi, Co-founder and CEO of Graphite Innovation & Technologies.

AlGermozi said another bonus with AIP is the ability to help companies build diversity and inclusion within their teams. “We almost have the United Nations in GIT, both in cultural and gender diversity,” he said. “Putting diverse people together at the same table makes magic happen.”

GIT now has 12 employees. As the company continues to expand and hire new talent, they plan to further utilize the AIP while also exploring options for a larger manufacturing facility.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is supported by the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada.

This story is part of a five-part series highlighting how the AIP program has helped businesses and talent succeed in Halifax.

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