5 Green Ways to Get Around in Halifax

Posted: May 25, 2022

New to the city and looking for environmentally friendly travel options? Check out these green options and start exploring Halifax.

There are lots of green options for getting around Halifax: by bus, ferry, using the city's new designated bike lanes, and even ride-sharing services like Uber. We’ve highlighted some of the more environmentally friendly travels options that exist within the city.


Halifax is a great city for walking, with minimal inclines (excluding the downtown where you’ll get your heart-pumping going uphill toward the famous Citadel) and plenty of parks and trails, open spaces, paths, and sidewalks to guide your way. Particularly when exploring the downtown core, the best way to get around is by foot, where you can check out local eateries and shops, stroll along the Halifax waterfront boardwalk, stop in at popular parks like Point Pleasant and the Public Gardens, and much more.

If you get tired while walking around Halifax, a bus stop is never far away and you can hop on and continue your travels using Halifax Transit.

Photo Credit: Discover Halifax


Biking is another popular method of active transportation in Halifax, particularly within the more urban districts of the city. Over the last few years, the Halifax Regional Municipality has continued to invest in making the city safer and more accessible for biking, adding more bike lanes, and extending existing ones.

For more information about biking in Halifax, including maps, research, and other resources, visit the Halifax Cycling Coalition.

Don’t have your own bike? Not to worry, there are several spots throughout the city where you can rent bikes. Read this article to find out more.

Halifax Transit


Travelling by bus is one of the most common ways to get around Halifax, particularly among locals. With a fleet of over 350 buses and more than 75 routes covering all locations across the city, there are many options to get to your destination. An excellent tool for navigating the Halifax Transit system is the Transit App, which you can download for free to your mobile device and get live updates on bus arrivals and departures near you, along with mapped-out routes on how to get to your destination the fastest.

Photo Credit: Discover Halifax

Harbour Ferry

In addition to buses, Halifax Transit also offers ferry services, with six ferries making multiple trips across Halifax harbour daily. There are two ferry services offered, the Alderney Ferry Service and the Woodside Ferry Service.

Not only is the ferry a convenient and fast way to get from Halifax to Dartmouth, but it’s also a great way to experience the city, offering stunning views of the Halifax and Dartmouth skylines and both the Macdonald and MacKay bridges.

Looking to try out the ferry but don’t know where to leave your car? Both ferry services offer Park & Ride lots which allow people to park their cars for the day and take the ferry instead.

Photo Credit: Discover Halifax


Uber is another way to get around the city and is easily accessible through the Uber app. This is an especially good option if you need to travel far in a short amount of time. The ride-sharing service has become very popular in Halifax, with the number of active drivers having grown significantly over the past two years.

Features like UberX Share encourage carpooling and beat single-occupant car travel. What’s more, the company has recently launched Uber Green — a movement which incentivizes drivers to use electric vehicles and allows riders to request an electric vehicle. Though not yet available in Halifax, this movement toward greener travel gives hope for the app’s future in the city.


Finally, you can also explore and travel Halifax by manual or e-scooter, with many pick-up and drop-off stations located around the city. With scooter rentals available from spring until fall through companies like HFX e-Scooters, they are an easy and green way to travel around Halifax.

So, there you have it, five ways to get you around Halifax in an environmentally conscious and affordable way.

Making Halifax a greener place

Halifax has one of the most ambitious climate action movements in Canada, demonstrating its commitment to preparing for current and future environmental impacts.



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