100% Funding Available for Summer Co-op Students

Posted: May 25, 2020

May 29 Update: Applications for the Provincial Co-op Incentive have reached capacity

Due to COVID-19, many students across the province are struggling to find work placements for the summer. In response, the government has made changes to funding policies so that incentives can be combined.

Your business may be eligible to receive up to 100% in funding to cover the costs of a co-op student this summer.

The federal Student Work Placement Program and Nova Scotia’s Co-operative Education Incentive program are now allowing employers to stack funding resources. Learn more about these programs below.

Provincial Co-op Education Incentive

Employers receive a wage subsidy of $7.50 an hour ($9.00 if the student is a member of designated diversity group). The subsidy is available for employers who hire co-op student for a work term of 12-16 weeks as well as select 32-week terms.

Due to COVID-19, this program has also implemented changes to support employers:

  • 60% cash advance of the subsidy at the beginning of the term for employers who are experiencing cashflow challenges
  • Flexibility with timing including work placement duration, start and end dates.

Interested in the Provincial Co-op Education Incentive?

Student Work Placement Program

Employers receive a 50% wage subsidy up to $5,000 for every student hired through the program. For first-year students and under-represented groups including women in STEM, persons with disabilities, newcomers and Indigenous students this is increased to a 70% subsidy up to a maximum of $7,000.

The program has also recently modified criteria to further support employers:

  • Small and medium-sized employers and non-profit organizations can use wage subsidies up-front if they have an operational cash flow need.
  • Employers can postpone placement start dates to avoid rescinding placements or, reduce the duration of the placements.
  • Employers can apply for funding before they finalize their selection to hire.
  • Students will be able to work from home.

How to Apply

Apply for wage subsidies through one of the following partners:


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