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The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a neutral, not-for-profit national centre of expertise with the mission of strengthening Canada's digital advantage in the global economy.

ICTC strives to stay ahead of the curve as digital technologies rapidly advance and transform industries and society. For over 30 years, and with a team of 110 experts, our goal is to ensure that technology is utilized to drive economic growth and innovation and that Canada's workforce remains competitive on a global scale.

To accomplish our mission, we partner with a vast network of industry leaders, policymakers, and academic institutions to focus on areas like digital skills development, technology adoption, and innovation. Our work comprises forward-looking research, practical policy advice, and capacity building solutions for individuals and businesses.

We assist government and industry leaders in recognizing current and future opportunities and developing strategies to fully exploit the potential of the digital economy.

We also help Canadians of all backgrounds acquire the skills they need to be successful in Canada’s economy while helping businesses transform and improve their competitiveness for today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

How we can help:

  • HR Support
    • Work Integrated Learning
    • Workforce Training
  • Financial Support
    • Wage Subsidies
  • Business Development & Growth
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support

Contact Information:

[email protected]


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