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We are Canada’s intellectual property (IP) office. We are the granting/registering authority in Canada for:

  • Trademarks: Business name, product/service name, business logo, business slogan, etc. Caution: Not the same as when you get a business name when registering your business with a province or when you incorporate (if you do), or get a domain name.
  • Copyrights: Fixed original artistic, dramatic, musical or literary works (including computer programs).
  • Patents: New inventions (process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter), or any new and useful improvement of an existing invention. Not all inventions qualify.
  • Industrial designs: Original visual features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament (or any combination of these features), applied to a finished article of manufacture.

We can also explain other IP rights and issues, such as trade secrets and ownership issues. Important: Confidentiality and ownership issues should be properly addressed at the earliest stage as well as continuously.

More and more companies and organizations (including their competitors, current and future ones) own more intangible assets (such as intellectual property) in addition to tangible ones (such as buildings, machinery and equipment).

By increasing your IP knowledge, you can better impress funders, partners, manufacturers, suppliers, key employees (to retain and inspire), and clients. You can be as knowledgeable as, if not more, than your current and future competitors.

If you have not already met with an IP professional about your current situation, you can book free and confidential meetings with our Atlantic Canada’s IP Advisor. No strings attached.

We can help you prepare for the next steps, such as meeting with your IP professional and funders. We can also explain many of the rules and guide you to high-level and detailed resources.

We recommend that clients and potential clients raise their IP awareness sooner, frequently, and from different sources. We can also offer IP training to your employees (about the different IP rights but also regarding the importance of confidentiality and ownership issues). This will help you better protect the different pillars of your business sooner and more broadly.

How we can help:

  • Business Development & Growth
    • Mentors and Advisors
  • Government Services & Procurement
    • Understanding Government Regulations
    • Intellectual Property Services
  • Business Connections & Collaborations
    • Innovation Partners
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support
    • R&D / Commercialization

Contact Information:

Andre Gallant, Atlantic Canada’s IP Advisor

All meetings are free, confidential and with no strings attached. The same for follow-up meetings. You can simply book a meeting with me directly by using this email address:

[email protected]

(819) 661-4361

For more information about our IP Advisors:


Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Place du Portage I
50 Victoria Street, room C-229
Gatineau, QC K1A 0C9

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