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AISC is the convenor organization for Nova Scotia's 14 Industry Sector Councils, which address workforce development and HR opportunities and issues, on behalf of employers in their industry. Through its members, AISC represents almost two-thirds of Nova Scotia's employers and employees, and just over 50% of its GDP.

AISC focuses on initiatives that support employee Attraction, Retention and Training, including: researching and analyzing labour market information; advancing "IDEA" - inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility; strategic workforce planning; and other common matters related to people, talent, capacity, productivity etc.

Sector Councils in particular support small and medium enterprises, who are less likely to internal HR resources. Note that AISC delivers all of its initiatives through its member sector councils, not directly to employers. and further, has a closed membership, that is, is not seeking additional industries sectors to join at this time.

How we can help:

  • HR Support
    • Workforce Training
    • Cultural Competence Training
    • Labour Market Information
  • Business Development & Growth
    • Business Transition & Succession
  • Business Connections & Collaborations
    • Industry Associations

Contact Information:

[email protected]


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