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Looking to hire skilled workers for your business or organization in Halifax?

You can use the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, and the Global Talent Stream to hire international workers to fill immediate labour needs. Our labour market experts can help you identify the right programs for your business and support you through the hiring process.

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is a federal immigration stream that helps employers in Atlantic Canada recruit skilled foreign talent and international graduates to meet their labour needs.

This new employer-driven program makes it easier to recruit and hire skilled international talent by speeding up and streamlining the process. Halifax Partnership provides free consultation and support services for employers in the Halifax region who wish to become designated to hire through the Atlantic Immigration Program.

We help you identify and organize the required documents and support you throughout the application and designation process. If required, we will also connect you with additional resources to support your application.

Employer Benefits:

  • Speed up and streamline the process of hiring foreign workers and international graduates.
  • Skip the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process if your efforts to hire locally have been unsuccessful.
  • Support your international employees in getting their permanent residency.
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Atlantic Immigration Program Designation

Under the Atlantic Immigration Program, you must first become designated by the Province of Nova Scotia before you can make a job offer to hire an international candidate.

To be designated in Nova Scotia, your organization must:

  • Have been in continuous, active operation under the same management for at least 2 years in 1 of the Atlantic provinces, or be able to show continuous, active operation in another location with confirmation of approval from the province in which you’re applying for designation.
  • Be in good standing and comply with employment standards and occupational health and safety legislation.
    Not recruit or hire workers for the purpose of establishing a pool of candidates that can be later transferred or contracted out to separate businesses for staffing purposes.
  • Not be in violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).
  • Work with a settlement service provider organization to help your candidates get settlement service.
  • Commit to taking the free onboarding training & intercultural competency training.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program offers opportunities for employers in Nova Scotia to fill the labour needs by hiring talent globally. With this program, you'll be able to recruit international talent meeting the program criteria. Some of the streams included under this program are:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Occupations in Demand
  • Critical Construction Worker Pilot

Global Talent Stream

As a Designated Referral Partner, the Halifax Partnership refers eligible Halifax employers and helps guide them through the application process. The Global Talent Stream:

  • Allows your business to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) to fill unique and specialized positions
  • Helps your business expand and compete on a global scale
  • Allows certain skilled workers to obtain a work permit within two weeks of applying

Halifax Partnership's Labour Market team can help your business find the right international talent and benefit from employer immigration programs.

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